By L. Frank Baum and Frank Gabrielson
Music and Lyrics of Film Version
by Harold Arlen and C.V. Harbury


The Cast
(In order of appearance)
Aunt Em Nell Brown
Joe, a Farmhand John Young
Uncle Henry John Sclegal
Dorothy Heather Smih
Mayor of the Muchkins Bart Johnston
A Munchkin Farmer's Wife          Darcy Schultz
Sorceress of the North Lorna Abjornson
Wicked Witch of the West Joyce Bergen
The Scarecrow Mark Palmer
The Tinman Alex Saccavino
The Cowardly Lion Mark Langello
A Private Donald Palmer
First General Manuel Martinez
Oz Lady Emily Capano
Lord Growlie John Young
Gloria, his Daughter Shawn Emanuel
The Wizard of Oz Joe Bruno
First Witch Nell Brown
Second Witch Donna Griffiths
Tibia John Young
Jitterbugs Linda Marchinko
Ghosts Linda Trump, Lorna Abjornson, Linda Marchinko
Girl Cathy Palmer
Other Girls
Dyan Cole, Darcy Schultz, Shawn Emanuel,
Michelle Palmer
Ozmos Vy Braunstein
Servant Erin Palmer
      Coroner Melissa Lickteig
      Barrister Kollen Fitzgerald
      City Officials Kimberly Graham, Heather Rowe
      Tough Kids
Tammi Dickinson, Michael Fitzgerald
Billy John Genovese, Sean Morris
Traci Dickinson, Lyn Johnston, Carrie Lathan,
Mandy Schlegal
Billy Dickinson, Karen Genovese,
Danielle Jordan, Mark Lathan,
Jessica St. Francis
Patti Davis, Billy Dickinson, Danielle Jordan,
Merk Lathan, Eric Palmer
Farmers Chorus
Nell Brown, Joe Bruno, Dyan Cole,
Patti Davis, Shawn Emanuel, Dona Griffiths,
Jim Lathan, Manuel Martinez, Donald Palmer,
Catherine Parlow, Jessica St. Francis, Darcy
Schultz, John Young


Produced through special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Musical Library, Inc.