Season Tickets

Subscribe to a Season Ticket plan for tickets to each of our five scheduled shows.


Benefits of a Season Subscribtion

season ticketSave Now. When you purchase a Season Ticket for $100 you save 20% compared to the price of a single ticket. It's like getting one show free! If you think you will only be able to attend four of the five scheduled shows during the year, you can give the extra ticket to a friend!

IMPORTANT - How to Purchase a Season Subscription:

You may purchase your Season Subscription through the Box Office or Online. When you purchase your season ticket it is not necessary to know the exact dates you will attend individual performances throughout the year. When you do know the dates you want to attend, we encourage you to reserve your individual performance tickets as soon as possible in order to get the dates and seat location you prefer. The process for purchasing a season ticket and obtaining individual performance tickets is as follows:

     1. Purchase Season Tickets either Online or from the Box Office by calling 386-586-0773. The ticketing system will print out a confirmation of your Season Ticket purchase if desired.

     2. When you know the date(s) you would like to attend a performance(s) either call the Box Office or go Online through our ticketing system. When you enter your Login ID and Password, the system will know that you are a season ticket subscriber and will not charge you again for your individual show tickets.

     3. Select the individual show tickets with the date and seat locations you desire and the ticketing system will reserve your available seat. You may print out your ticket at home at this time. 

     4. You may also purchase additional tickets for other family and friends at this time. The ticketing system will charge your credit card for the additional tickets only and you may print out your ticket at home. 

To purchase a Season Ticket Subscription for $100 please call the Box Office at 386-586-0773 or purchase online by clicking here...