Sunday January 7, 6pm
Monday January 8, 6pm

Cast requirements:

3 males, ages 30 - 40 yrs
1 female,  late 20s, 30s
1 female, middle aged
1 male, middle aged
1 male aged 10 - 12 yrs  

Performances March 1 through Mar 18, 2018

south pacific

Sunday January 28, 6pm
Monday January 29, 6pm

Performances April 13 through April 29, 2018
Audition Requirements: 

Ages 16 and up, except where specifically noted below.

All Roles are open.  All ethnicities are urged to audition.  
Prepare a song from musical theatre - 24-32 bars is OK. Preferably sung to accompaniment on a CD or iPhone.

Everyone should come dressed to move; there will be a dance audition.

Leads and featured players will be asked to read from the script.


Ensign Nellie Forbush - Mezzo (a-d) - a feisty but somewhat naive nurse from Arkansas. A bit of a tomboy with  an optimistic outlook. 
Emile de Becque
 - Baritone (a-e') - a mature, sophisticated, wealthy French planter.
Lt. Joseph Cable
, USMC - Tenor (d-g) - a handsome and intelligent Lieutenant with a bright future.
Luther Billis - Baritone (G-g) - a lovable character who provides much needed comic relief! Lacks respect for authority.

Bloody Mary – any ethnicity actress is needed to play this role - Mezzo - (g-f) - a shrewd merchant native of the island. 
Liat - Bloody Mary's beautiful daughter – any ethnicity actress required (age 15-19). Spoken role. She steals the heart of Joe Cable.  

Ngana - mezzo - de Becque's young daughter - age 8-14 - Mixed ethnicity 
 - mezzo - de Becque's young son - age 8-14. Mixed ethnicity 
 - deBeque's servant - Asian Pacific Islander (male or female) - spoken.
Capt. George Brackett, USN
 - Commanding Officer.
Cmdr. William Harbison, USN - Brackett's right hand. 

South Pacific requires a strong and vibrant ensemble of singers, dancers and actors. There are many supporting roles which will be cast from the ensemble. 

Nurses - female teens and adults.
 - male teens and adults. 
"Stewpot" George Watts
 - baritone - Carpenter's Mate, second class. 
"Professor" - A sailor and Luther's co-hort. 
Lt. Buzz Adams, a pilot. 
Bob McCaffrey, radio operator.
Ensign Dinah Murphy, a nurse and Nellie's best friend.
Ensign Janet MacGregor
, a nurse.


Time requirement varies based on shows, but generally rehearsals are 4 days per week for 5–8 weeks, approximately 3 to 4 hours per day in the evening from 6PM-9PM, plus 10 performances over 3 weekends. Not all cast members are scheduled for every rehearsal. But ALL cast must attend every rehearsal the week before opening (tech week).